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Thread: WANTED: Meopta 3-12x50

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    WANTED: Meopta 3-12x50

    I am looking for the above scope with a 4A or 4B reticule. Glass must be mint.



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    Hey Jingzy

    Not sure if you are looking for a new one, but my local gunsmith (JF Neville) based in Alfreton, Derbyshire has one in stock. I looked at it myself earlier this week.

    I think the price was 470.00

    Good Luck

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    I have one that I dont use much at the moment but it has a duplex reticle. Great scope, glass is excellent, usual ring marks but generally in very good condition. Let me know if you are interested.



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    Jingzy, did you get what you wanted?

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    you have PM

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    Here's the reticule
    Here's from left to right
    Here's from right to left
    And here's from the top

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    Looks like a good scope, but it is not the reticle that I am looking for.



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    Thanks for letting me know, hope you get what you want.

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    eMc C.

    can you let me know what your looking for it ed.

    drop me a pm with the cost of the scope please.

    thank you,


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