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    Gun star

    Why do some people go to the bother of placeing an add on Gunstar?. Then never reply to a buyer's question either by email or phone (answering machine).
    I have found 2 rifle's that i am intrested in if both sellers could be arsed to get back to me after waiting over a week for a reply Wtf!!.
    Theres not much chance of a sale if the will not talk to a buyer is there?.


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    bob, i couldnt agree more.
    the same goes for guntrader. i see rifles on both web sites and left messages on both, but no replies.
    had slots on my fac to purchase and cash up to 2000. in the end i bought local and got a good deal.
    there loss my gain.

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    It is holiday time chaps

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    Pick up the phone and call them ?

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    Its not always the seller, gunstar and guntrader email forwarding is crap. I know first hand from people calling wondering why we didnt get back to them by email.

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    Had cause to contact john fearnley of stead hall farm firearms on gun star, he has always got back within 24hrs
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Had some disappointing experience with the other day. Posted the details of a couple of my guns on the website, didnt hear anything, chased the guy a couple of times and he eventually he said no interest. I can only guess the name "We Buy Any Shotgun Except Bolt Actions Or Non Ejectors" doesnt have the same ring to it!

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