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Thread: Looking for a dog for stalking

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    Looking for a dog for stalking

    I think this is probably horses for courses but here goes.

    My dog is ten this year and im now actively looking for a new one. I do a lot of stalking and during the shooting seeason do some rough / duck shooting as well.

    Was going to get a spaniel however as most shooting is predominantly deer was thinking of one of the more scent type breeds such as hanoverian / bavarian / GSHP which i have read of on here.

    As far as these and like types go, does anyone use them for any form of shooting other than deer? i.e retrieveing.



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    I have two Large Munsterlander HPR's. They were originally bred in Germany to track wounded deer and the German standard still demands that they are capable of following a 24hr old blood scent (as well as work as a more conventional bird/fox dog) before they can be bred from.

    I have one dog being trained to scent now, and one who is fully trained as a HPR dog. I beat with both dogs on shoots in Lincs and also shoot over them when rough shooting

    loads more info on them can be found at

    trapper has just started using his Munsty on Roe, and I believe a couple of other forum members have them too?

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    I am of course biased , towards my LARGE MUNSTERLANDER . after all that is why I chose this breed as my , next choice.
    I always had springer's , but felt a change was due , because I have moved direction , IE STALKING ,this breed is more than adequate to deal with all circumstances .
    HPR ,in a nutshell all desirable qualities , they are head strong , sloppy as ,fxx which make s them an ideal family dog , I wear my dog daily!!!.
    At Least have a look at this breed .
    Regards Trapper

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    i'll third that, the Large Munsterlander truly is very good on deer, they are also brilliant family dogs if you happen to have young children.

    Uncommon and seriously worth considering. There is a thread on this section where Trapper, Manc-munster and i have pics of our dogs.

    Best regards

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    HWV The best stalking dog i have owned and i have went through a few. Also this is my second he is now nine and has stud the test of times i hope the ones with the LM Can SAY THAT IN A FEW OR MORE YEARS TIME.
    I like my mates dog a nice wee terrier but i wouldn't brag about its ability till it has seen it done it wore th tee shirt.

    His first of April buck and most likely his last season on his own.

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    I have recently come across these, and after abit of research and talking to people I have decided that a HWV will be my next dog.

    I have had Springers up til now, but will now go over to these, a big thumbs up from folks I have talked to


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    I hav a Black Lab bitch, not my first choice but pleased all the same
    i think there are enough pics and vids of her floating about
    she is no way fautless but also she is still young and inexperienced
    horses for courses when it comes to choosing a dog for stalking or shooting, but most importantly you like the breed you intend to purchase

    word of mouth often speaks volumes when choosing a breed or pedigree
    your back, better the devil you know and all that
    sorry to hear about your dog being in it's last year of unaided work
    a good dog is always hard to replace no matter what breed it is

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    Lab Vote

    My Black Lab I bought for Bird shooting has picked up deer tracking no problems he is a natural. He has found for me a few well shot deer that I would have struggled to find in thick vegitation and follows a set trail with remarkable ease and speed. When I have shot a deer then bring him in to the area he is imediately on his toes and excited to get to work, I think he loves it even more than retreiving grouse and pheasants.

    This little lad was the first deer my lab proved him self on. It was shot through the heart at 15m. It ran in dense undergrowth 70-100m There was a very steep bank with a streem at the bottom. I watched the deer runn off towards the streem down the bank then it disapeard from view. I took the dog through the firing position to the point of impact and let him work. He followed the trail down the bank to just past where I had seen the deer and where the obviouse blood trail ran out then he went allong and back to the top of the bank. This bank was so steep it was dificult to walk up and low and behold my buck was dead at the top of the bank. The shot had gone straight through the bucks heart and what was left of the heart was outside the exit wound!! The animal only made 23lbs head and feet off!

    A good friend of mine who has had deer dogs for years recons any dog with a nose can make a good deer dog!!


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