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Thread: Interesting But Odd Rack For A Red

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    Interesting But Odd Rack For A Red

    So it is mid July and all my cull red stags are coming on atreat. One in particular stands out from the crowd. He was fine last year butas one can see hes a little different this year.
    Im going to keep a track of him to see what the finishedresult is. It is going to be interesting to see what the brow tine turns intoas well as the rest of rack.
    Unfortunately he will have to go the owner does not want anyoffspring from him. Good new for some happy hunter bad news for the big buck.
    Ill post a picture in August

    Cheers Andrew
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    intresting pics mate, but would not be surprised if that snapped off soon ????

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    This is very true but Im kind of hoping it will not. It would be cool to see the finished result

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    keep us all updated, if it does survive intact that would make a intresting trophy for someone



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    He is a fine animal, one of the best?

    If he was fine last year, is there any reaon apparebt for the abnormality this year?


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    I am looking for any pictures earlier this year to see when it started to change. But not found any yet. He was one of three that was cept out of 20 cull animals to breed from last year all perfect 14/16 pointers with good body weight.
    But that is all I know as the are left up the hill to winter and did not have much to do with them.


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    Andrew we get a few abnormals like yours quite regulary the one in the pic has grown back the same for three years, although i havn't seen it about since they cast so it may be he might be back to normal again this year.

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    To me that looks as though the antler was normal until he broke part of it, which has subsequently re-set enough to look solid. Certainly no reason to cull him for that alone. If that part had grown into that position it would be much thicker at the "bottom" because of the weight of blood pooling at the down growing tip.

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    I see your point but there are far better stags on the land and the out shine any of theses. Plus it's not down to me only the trigger man so to speak.

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