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Thread: Past my DSC1 today, well chuffed.

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    Past my DSC1 today, well chuffed.

    Hey Guys

    Finally breathed a sigh of relief when I got told today that I (may) have passed my DSC1, I got 45/50 on written 38/40 on meat hygiene and 19/20 on ID, no probs with simulated stalk and safety test or shooting.

    It was a intense 3 days of training with some long days, yesterday started at 9am and finished at 8pm but very well ran and all areas covered by Dave at Donington Deer Management.

    Now looking forward to getting some more experience and moving on to level 2.

    Now where's that bottle of wine!



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    Congratulations Ando

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    Well done.

    But you should have given David the wine before the test!
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    Well done mate!
    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    Cheers Guys, on bottle 2 now lol

    Looking for some local ish stalking around the Leicester / Mids area don't mind traveling, guess east coast is closest to me for stalking, anyone know of anyone or anywhere to go do some?



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    Nice one,well done,at least you will be ok in Scotland after 2014.................

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    Congrats, fun isn't it

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