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Thread: pheasent poults

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    pheasent poults

    is it best to get your birds clipped or not ? what's the pro's and cons?

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    Different keepers will have different ideas on this one. Some do some don't. A bit depends on the release pen, if it's on very steep ground then clip or they will be out over the lower fence. For years I clipped, and then had a year when I didn't. The poults roosted much quicker and I think the benefits outweighed the disadvantages. Personally I would not clip now, but as I said earlier it depends on where you are.

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    Unless you know what you are doing do no be tempted to clip wings yourself, you can do more damage than good. IMO clipping wings only curtails the birds ability to fly normally for a very short period of time and longer term as a method of preventing birds from escaping from pens or disappearing altogether is ineffective . I have seen birds being clipped and immediately able to fly fairly normally. I know most breeders charge a fee for this service. Save your cash and spend it on straw rides.

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    i would agree with old keeper that if your pen is on the side of a bank then defo have them clipped
    all of my customers have clipped bar one regards pete .

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