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Thread: First buck of the season 2009

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    First buck of the season 2009

    After several recce stalks over some new ground I finally got lucky!
    Having seen many heavily pregnant does over the last few weeks and not in any mind to shoot them, something told me to try for my first buck last night. The weather was warm, the sun was right, the wind was nil, and something in my mojo told me it was game on.... Nothing but a fleeing doe in the first hour, so I scrambled down into a valley and strolled along the lower track. Of a mind to keep glassing the wooded banks either side of me I spotted an odd outline that did not look like the other tree stumps ( ears! ) ....up with the bino's, and lo, it had antlers too. Why do I always feel that deer can hear my very heartbeat and breath. 70 yards up this bank was this handsome chap, and he was in no mind to run anywhere, he just watched me put out my sticks and slide the rifle off my shoulder. What he did not see was the 150gr. Sako Hammerhead coming up the hill. After running in circles chasing his tail for 5 seconds he decided to quit and down he went. After checking the beast I trudged a mile to get my car, so much for travelling light and leaving the roe sack in the boot!! Thats another story....

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    roe buck

    Well done Richard good start to the roe buck season

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    Well done Richard......

    "something in my mojo" - just how old are you???? [/i]

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    well done richard,he looks a nice lad

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    Nice one mate

    Oh that mojo feeling


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    Nice write up. I've been sadly lacking the mojo of late - had 3 trips out since the start of the month and not seen a shootable buck yet - there were loads about back end of last month!

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    Nice one

    Well done mate

    Another good read and picture.

    I know what you mean about the old mojo, some days you just think its right.



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