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Thread: one for the bedding experts

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    one for the bedding experts

    right, glass bedding again...

    I have a ZKK (CZ/BRNO) stock I want to do a bit of glass bedding in, but it's different from what I've done last so have a few questions.

    a. the front receiver area right behind the recoil lug is curved, as if to support the receive like glass bedding should. now do I cut a small recess in this existing curved support structure 3/4 but not all the way back to the mag inletting, and if so, do I continue all the way up to the top edge of the stock or stop halfway? ...or, do I leave it and just do the bedding in the recoil lug recess and in front of it to support the flat area of the barrel, say 1" or so into the barrel channel?
    b. the rear tang has a long flat area that extends past the trigger mechanism, should I create a recess for bedding compound under just the rear action screw hole/tang 1cm squared approx. or do I need to go all the way on the edges that line the trigger towards the mag box?
    c. the rear tang as a bit of a gap behind it, should I bed this area to create full support?

    I really don't want to do a full bedding job along the walls of the entire inletting, just the recoil lug area and tang bit, minimalist sort of stuff.

    also the current pillars are 'floating', should I affix them in bedding compound or two part glue or leave them floating/loose?

    any help much appreciated from the bedding experts.



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    I seldom do a full bedding on a rifle that has a decent stock to begin with, and just look to support the action. Recoil lug and tang are where I concentrate. Do what you feel is the right thing for your rifle. YOu can always go back and do more at a later date.~Muir

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