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Thread: anyone got a magic wand

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    anyone got a magic wand

    a farmer of one of the permissions i have been controlling the foxes on asked me to call round and see a local lady who had lost ducks and chickens recently. there were approx 7-8 chickens taken and very little sign of a struggle etc. i called out a couple of evenings ago to introduce myself to the lady and get an overview of the land involved. she showed me a round her yard and when i asked about the adjoining land she replied " they are odd , stay away from them" , i mentioned that if she could arrange for me to shoot any foxes on the adjoining land it would make the job a lot easier of catching up with the culprit in question. she replied that the fox would definitely come back to her 1/2acre field and yard . Maybe she thinks i have nothing better to do with my time than wait on her fox to turn up again.

    i got the rifle out of the jeep and she siad" oh my god whats that", i replied "its a rifle and it is what i use to control problem foxs". She replied " oh you are one of those murdering beasts but i guess needs must". I shrugged it off thinking i may get the fox quickly and leave even quicker. I started calling from her yard over looking the field and she stated" oh i dont like the noise you are making , it sounds like a child crying "

    i mentioned to her that she asked me to shoot the fox that raided her poultry and this was how i would be doing it. i also mentioned that i hadnt got a magic wand that i could wave and teleport her fox away from her area.

    About 10 mins later i seen a large dog fox about 200 m across the road in another field and would she phone her neighbor to get permission to shoot it. " dont worry it will make it way up here again and you can get it then" . at that point i packed up and was about to leave and she said " so will you be back tomorrow night"

    some people dont live in the same realm as the majority of us, i couldnt believe this lady and her lack of respect and value for my time.


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    When doing jobs like that you must assess the whole situation including the ways of the landowner before you start. If you require permission from land outside go and see if you can get it first. 1/2 acre plot, I don't think my rifle would have been leaving the vehicle. Trap or a few well placed snares would have the job done. If you are willing and want to kill foxes to protect livestock you must also be willing to spend your time doing it.

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    sorry gazza the point i was making was that i never asked to shoot over her land. She has a problem with foxes at the moment and they are causing her a lot of grief. When she requested my services which are free of charge she should of least made an effort to assist where possible. with this i mean the least she could have done was to lift the phone and call her neighbor to see if we could shoot the fox that was hunting in the field close to her house.

    i shoot a lot of foxes in the surrounding area and am very pleased to have the permissions which includes the use of land for a range thats let me shoot out to 500m or so. I have no problem knocking on her neighbors door to ask for permission if i specifically want permission on that land but i dont want it at this time. i personally wont loose any sleep if the fox takes every last bird she owns.

    i will happily spend my time protecting live stock on land where the owners are appreciative and live in the real world.


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