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Thread: Winchester super x .308

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    Winchester super x .308

    Has anyone used the 150gr Winchester power point ( soft nose) .308 rounds ? What are your experiences with these ? Any good ?

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    Sorry wrong area of the forum , move if you like . Apologies CSL

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    Group very well in my Sako 85. Can't say what effect they have on deer, because I've not used them in the field yet, sorry.

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    Fantastic would be my comment.I have used them to really good effect for about 20 years. Especially Sika in trees. I personally cant fault them.
    I was going to post does anybody know where I can buy some these days, they are like rocking horse **** around here.

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    Try Midway UK,, Budbrooke, Warwichshire?
    0845 2266055

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    Old Man. Thank you very much I will give them a ring in the morning.

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    have used 150`s for over 30 years albeit in a different calibre (7mm rm) I continue to use to this day for my sambar hunting.

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