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Thread: How long to hang?......

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    How long to hang?......

    Can I ask how long most folk hang Roe for?........

    I hang mine in a drinks chiller with skins on for about 1 week at 4 degrees, however over the weekend I managed to grass a couple o f bucks on our ground in Lanarkshire which I won't be able to dress for about 12/13 days due to commitments.

    I know beef is hung for 2wks +, is there any risk to a Roe carcase for this duration?...



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    No, not at all. I know some that hang reds for 4 weeks. Venison is best chillled at around 7 degrees if you can manage it. I frequently do my roe to 10 days with no adverse smells etc.

    Hope this helps


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    Why 7 degrees? Most larders I 've been to seem to set for around 3C...7C is right on the maximum recomended and doesn't allow for any temp variation???

    Cheshire Lad,

    I generally have Roe for a week to ten days at about 4C..Although they don't go off, the issue you have to watch for is the growth of mold on the inner surfaces of the carcass..If you catch it when it first startes, it can be removed by wiping/patting with a solution of water and white vinegar..

    Some chillers seem to suffer from mold growth worse than others even when running at similar temps...I'd say its probably down to the relative humidity inside the chill, plus possibly how well its cleaned inbetween uses, but thats only a guess...



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    i hang all my fallow and roe at about 2degrees as i use the local farm shop walk in chillers that are set to that temp. they are usually hung for 12days have been 14 days before when the butcher was unable to cut up. as long as the gralloch is clean and you leave them in the jacket there is nothing wrong with leaving them for 2 weeks. without jackets they can start to dry out.

    the game dealer i take some fallow to skins them there and then and cuts them up the following day i guess he sells to joe public who thinks meat is going off if its not bright red!!

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    I have heard of a '40 x Fridge Day' rule which is useful for a rough guide.
    The way it works is by multiplying the temp by the number of days and you should not exceed 40. i.e. you could hang a deer for 40 days at 1 degree, 4 days at 10 degrees, 8 days at 5 degrees etc..
    Might be useful to someone without a chiller??
    However, if you apply this guide to the 7 degree guideline it would mean you could only hang your animal for 5.71 days!!
    Maybe it errs on the safe side of caution? Anyone else heard of this or use similar??

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    I've seen it quoted on some of the American hunting sites, but disregarded it for the reasons you gave...

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    My current chiller hangs at 2c , good for a fortnight in my estimation , sniff test is a bonus you got a nose use it !!that isnt being pert either, if you detect is going off in ,YOUR OPINION ,sort it out pronto, had a task today but it will keep for another few days. . Trapper

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    We hang our hinds in their hides from Nov-Jan in a barn for about three weeks. Temp generally reliably below 8C for most of the time. Absolutely delish venison is thus obtained for personal consumption.

    Can get a bit whiffy towards the end, but the whiff is emphatically not from the large intact muscles which one eats!

    I've no experience of smaller deer or warmer ambient temperatures (or chillers, for that matter).

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    I have been taught for years that this is the optimum temp for deer. Here is a link that shows anything below 7 is fine.

    I suppose thinking about it, the cooler it is, the longer you should theoretically be able to keep it. If it is possible, a flow of air from a fan can also improve the ageing.

    A butcher friend gets his deer from only one source as the keeper uses large fans on the carcasses. This he assures me allows his venison to cut like prime beef.

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    i tend to hang my fallow with skins on for 7-10 days @ 3c-5c depends on what my work commitments are . my next deer i am going to hang for 20 days to see the differance , i use a cheap 6" disk fan on a timer to circulate the air in the fridge/chiller i think i paid 4 off ebay .


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