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Thread: Hand made 5 round bullet pouches

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    Hand made 5 round bullet pouches

    Only one each of 5 round closed and 5 round open beltpouches. Leather by Clayton of Chesterfield, one of theleading cricket ball leather manufacturers in the world, their leathers can beseen on both county and test match cricket balls. Closed pouch suitable for;.243, .308, 7x57 or similar length round. Open style will take longer round suchas; 6.5x55, .270, .30-06. Will fit belt width 11/2 – 2inches.

    35 +3P&P each

    PM me if interested.

    Thanks for looking.


    All items are made from traditional vegetable-tanned leathersand are hand stitched using waxed linen thread. Each stitch is a half-hitch sois far stronger than anything a machine can make. All edges have been hand burnished and dyed,all fittings are solid brass. Vegetable tanned leather will ‘age’ with time andshould be treated periodically with a leather balsam such as Renapur (
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    Bump to the top.

    Interested in any feedback people have i.e. are they too expensive, design is not quite right, like but would prefer in a different colour, like but would like a matching bolt sheath as well etc.

    ATB Jason.

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    I am looking and they appear very nice indeed. I would buy but until we get some idea of what is happening there is no point for me.

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    Beautifully made and nice contrast on the stitch. I like the tan.
    Nearly 40 to carry my ammo is alot for me. I have made a couple of these and know how much work is involved let alone the cost of good leather.
    So you can't charge any less. Nice gift, start plugging beginning of December

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    Thank you for the positive comments. Yes I wish I could get the price down on them but the leather is V.expensive and its impossible to reduce the amount of work required to make them. However you are buying handmade one off's which given the right care should last a life time and above all they are British. Happy to take advance orders for Christmas

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