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Thread: Anti-Spam Min Postcount to Post Links

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    Anti-Spam Min Postcount to Post Links

    We have been plagued by spammers from China recently, replying to threads with text copied from earlier replies in the thread and appending a link or embedded image of their own.

    As these seem to be registered using human intervention to answer the human verification questions there has been little we could do to stop it. I have therefore implemented a modification which will prevent users from posting links until they reach 5 posts.

    If a new user tries to post a link they will get an error message telling them that they need 5 posts before they can make a post containing links. I don't think this should negatively affect most genuine users. If they are that desperate to post a link I'm sure they will get to 5 posts quick enough by participating normally!

    It should however stop spam posts pretty much dead... at least until the sneaky gits come up with something else!

    Trade Members are excluded from this as I've yet to see a spammer pay us first!

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    This chap seems to be a spammer. Supposedly from Canada, asking about where to get boar meat in the US and linking to fencing in Australia? He's edited the links into his posts afterwards.

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    Just had a look at his post's and I agree spammer, he is gone.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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