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    If anyone is looking for a good value .222, please let me know.

    I have a BSA CF2 that I have pillar bedded, glass bedded with a floating barrel. The stock has been stripped and restored/re-finished, and the barrelled action is in the process of being reblued (slow rust bluing). the front sight is removed in preparation for screw-cutting. The rifling and crown are in perfect condition.

    I've fallen in love with a BRNO .223 so now want to sell this solid varminting setup.

    I will not post pics just yet as I'm not done with the re-bluing, but if you're interested, please let me know.

    oh, price will be a fair and square 275 + RFD to RFD.

    There's also 20 sako brass cases included

    currently in Midlothian

    let us know if interested.


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    Hi pkl, might be interested in the cf2, any pics yet ? or could you pm me with your contact details to have a chat, i have variation allready so could move on this quite quickly to my local rfd a.t.b W.S
    Walk little- look often .

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    would be interested if above falls through, will be dealing through a NI RFD

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