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Thread: DSC Certificate waiting times?

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    DSC Certificate waiting times?

    How long should it take for the DMQ folk to send out a DSC certificate?
    That's been over 4 weeks now since the course was done. Have had not any reference letters from basc in saying whats been passed, etc,,

    So is it worth while emailing the relevant basc people to find out whats happening?

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    It was 4 - 5 weeks before I got mine, same with others on my course. I'd give it another week.

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    James I can't remember mine taking 4 weeks but there may have been a a sudden rush of common sense (incoming !!) and they could have a wodge to produce. If you are concerned email Mandy who will have all the answers - . Before some smart 'arris tells me it should be a DMQ address she works for both but picks up BASC emails more often.

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    I'll give another week yet. If they're busy doing batches at at time, then fair enough.

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