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Thread: Fox cub, flat back end

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    Fox cub, flat back end

    evening all, just had a call of one of my farmers asking me what would flatten the back end of a fox cub. Still alive but dragging the back bit, and very feisty when approached. Well away from the road. I thought one of the herd might of trod on it, but some one tells me a bird of prey will hit them from above, then eat the back end out of them. Any body able to shed any light on this matter.
    many thanks

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    Almost certainly been run over by something. They can drag themselves a fair distance, even with pretty horrific damage, especially if no major blood vessels are damaged. Adrenalin is a wonderful thing.

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    bird of prey wont latch on to the rear of any prey they always try to secure the head for fear of being hurt my female harris always takes her prey by the head
    your cub may have got run over

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    I hope you shot/killed the poor little

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    I hope you shot/killed the poor little
    Max, that is exactly what I was thinking! With only two front legs working surely it was easily caught up with and dispatched?

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