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Thread: what is your favorite calibre ?

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    what is your favorite calibre ?

    what is your favourite calibre? ,i have 243 , 223 , 308 , but i LOVE my 22lr , ive taken everything from rabbits upto foxes with it , also feeding crows and pigeon.
    its superbly accurate and when suppressed, extremely quiet

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    It has to be the 25-06. The only reason I dont have 1 at the moment is I was scared I would compare the new rifle to the old rifle, a hard act to follow. My SHR alpine 25-06 was heck of a great rifle. I know have an A-bolt 243 wssm which is good but Im limited to bullet choice.


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    my favorite calibre at the moment is .243 I've shot red/ fallow and roe deer as well as a lot of foxes 100gr for deer 75gr vmax for fox's very accurate and little recoil.

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    .308 win is just perfection. You look at a round and it's perfection, you shoot it and it feels like perfection and the combination of 150gr shiny green pointed perfection with a with a well placed shot is just ...well perfection. When someone tells me that something else is better I just smile, it's not there fault they don't know any better....

    but .375 h&h is the shiz too. And why? because that's my opinion and it's perfection too..

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    i recall you saying you were going to sell me that set up paul

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    6.5x55 - and I dont have one at the moment!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moray Outfitting View Post
    6.5x55 - and I dont have one at the moment!

    you do have a point , ive had one and loved it with a passion but the maid of all deer work (and we all know it) is the .270 winchester and its with her i have the affair !

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    hi i got two hornet and 243

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    I love them all. Accept for that frigging HMR - hate that lump of pig iron.

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