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Thread: Macnab Lowlander

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    Macnab Lowlander

    Anyone use a macnab Lowlander. Macnabs have a good rep. I have spotted a Lowlander that might suit. Would need a stock extension but in 20 bore it is 5lb 15oz. Would like a 20 but cost is relivent. Did an offer for one on here but that's gone quiet. Jim

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    yep, got one myself. have to say its just lovely. i dont do much bird shooting but this little gun motivates me. the workings are not too smooth but hey i didnt pay big money for it so i can put up with it!!
    only bought it on a punt as the semi auto (12g) was proving a bit of a pain. auto stays locked up in cabinet, 20g every time.

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    My wife has one in a 20 gauge. Smashing wee gun. Truth be told when I get a chance at a bit of rough shooting I leave the Beretta at home and take out the Macnab.

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    had one from new bought it bought 6 years ago or more for 595 and its my favourite gun 20g

    just feels right when you mount it ...1/4 & 1/2 choke no buggering bout with fixed chokes covers most bases and 3" chambered if want it

    made in italy i think ??? under licence for mcnab sure the lincoln 20g was made same place?....not the best wood or fittings but i have real soft spot for this gun and doubt id ever sell mine to be honest

    did see a bonny lincoln 20g dunnoe what model....had multi chokes and case hardening on it which was beautiful

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    Hi chaps I'm looking for a 28bore macnab highlander can you help?

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    I Googled "Mcnab highlander 28g" and page 1 has loads....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFB View Post
    Hi chaps I'm looking for a 28bore macnab highlander can you help?
    There was one in JF Neville's Alfreton !!
    I was going to buy it but bought a Beretta.

    PS If you get a 28G can I have your used Cartridge cases ?

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    Hi red dot thanks for that I will take a look

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