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Thread: What waistcoat ?

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    What waistcoat ?

    I am looking at getting a new waistcoat for shooting.
    The one I currently have is on its last legs and needs replacing, it will be used for rough shooting and a bit of bunny bashing so must have a large poachers pocket on the back as well as a couple of pockets for cartridges.
    I have just ordered the new swedteam one in the bush wear catalogue for about 55 and am sending it back, the rear pocket is that small you would struggle to get a rabbit in it and the quality of the zip seems rubbish.
    The other one that I have seen is the musto retrievers waistcoat but it's 125.

    Is there any others out there I have overlooked.

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    Ive been using the musto one for about 4 years and is still good as new, the only problem I've had is people try to give me their birds to carry!


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