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Thread: Arizona Coyote Hunting...

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    Arizona Coyote Hunting...

    I thought i would post a link to a video of my trip to Arizona earler this year. I had some great coyote hunting and hunted some in some diverse ground, from desert to high mountian pine forests in 3 foot of snow... Even entered a coyote hunting contest in Show low...

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    We plan on doing a bit of that in Montana later this year, looks like you had a great time with like minded people.
    Just love the get togethers over a roaring fire, and i must see the Grand Canyon one day.
    Did you use 'callers' to bring in the yotes?
    Just not sure about the music, must be showing my age!
    Thanks for posting it up, and loved your cap.

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    Yes sir i had a great time with great company... We did use E-callers and some hand calls too... I tell you now, nothing prepares you when you let out a challenge howl and the whole hill side howls back, then 2 minute later you see a whole pack of coyotes come galloping in to the call !!!

    I hope you have a good time while you are out there, and as my AZ buddys say, "let the fur hit the dirt" !!!

    Oh and that was not me with the "see you Jimmy" hat on !! LOL !!! that was my buddy Harley yote ...

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    Looks like a great time, and memories that will stay forever.
    As for the music, well I liked it, can't beat some Seasick Steve


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    Looks like a great trip, is this something you organised yourselves? I would love to do something like this, how much did it all cost in the end? (PM me if you don't want to post it). Any tips would be most welcome.
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    Wow, looked a great trip, would like to know more!!

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    Sorry for the delay in responding but i am a busy boy out on the hill at the moment...

    The trip was a fantastic experence, as it was organised by by friends i have all over the U.S as i am a moderator on an American predator hunting forum ( Bucking the odds ) and it was with these friends that i hunted with made it even better... Two weeks of heading north from Phoenix hunting coyotes in the desert, prarie and mountain pine forests as we went, ending up in Showlow to take part in a coyote calling contest, ran and organised by another friend... We headed out to the Navjo reserve and hunted there, we saw many coyotes but only managed to bag one, we got back to the check in site with our meger kill,,lol,, there were 40 two man teams, one team brought in 9 coyotes and they were disapointed,,,lol....

    I will return soon, hopfully if funds will allow...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Arizona 2012 039.jpg 
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Name:	Arizona4.jpg 
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ID:	19843 I use Kings mountain camo, it worked a dream...
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Arizona 2012 063.jpg 
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ID:	19845 The contest results...
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    Interesting trip and i didn’t mind the music

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    Hi All
    Looks like it was a good trip i am going out to Illinois 20th november for three weeks and i am going coyote and raccoon hunting if i get one of each i will be a happy bunny.Time is dragging

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    What a fab trip , thanks for sharing

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