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Thread: I have a tick on my penis no joke

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    I have a tick on my penis no joke

    Bit of a problem chaps, my first tick of the year was on my penis, right on the foreskin , while I can post the pictures it's best not to, trust me when I say it's not artistic.

    So I plucked the tick which is only nymph and guess what! Looking at it with our kids microscope (the tick not my penis) I've left the head in my dick skin.... awesome . Be warned guys I didn't get this tick directly from the field. This had only just attached and I'd properly showered and checked like always after stalking especially checking my junk. This had jumped from clothes left in the 4x4 where I picked it up yesterday after a bit of lamping.

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    I think you need a tick *****

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    visit to the GP maybe ? to get the head out ?

    DO you think a week of anti -bios might be worth the insurance aspect ?

    Hope you get it sorted fella



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    can't stop checking it.... tick hadn't started feeding so it'll be fine i'm sure

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    you been chasing those sheep naked again?
    only when the last tree has been felled,the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will man realise he cant eat money

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    Whatever you do - don't tell the Mrs !!

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    Brings a whole new meaning to "pulling the head off it"!!

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    If it hadn't been on there long the Lymes risk will be very small... you are still at risk of getting an infection from having a 'foreign body' still stuck in the old chap though. Can you not get the mouthparts out with tweezers or a sterile needle? Doesn't sound very appealing I know, but it's better than knob gangrene!

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    Csl l thought having a foreign body on your old chap was what happened when you went on holiday.

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    In terms of Rovince anti tick clothing which is treated with stuff that kills ticks on contact with the clothing which is expensive I made this comment:

    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    I know what you mean but not at that money, a change at the ground, shower and check will do me fine for now.
    I'm now going to spend the dosh...

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