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Thread: drag rope

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    drag rope

    anyone got any ideas for a good drag rpoe, length,material etc
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    Hi nemo, the length needs to suit you, but nylon strapping, the type used for ratchet straps etc is very good a.t.b. W.S
    Walk little- look often .

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    Sash window cord/nylon rope threaded through a piece of 1" dia x 4" dowel (or brush shaft).

    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I use 3.0m, 400kg Fasty Straps. Relativly cheap plus can be adjusted to suit. Use two for reds; one over each shoulder.Good for a hundred other jobs as well.

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    Depends on terrain & species.

    3m of climbing rope never goes a miss, have used all sorts of webbing, seat belts, caribiners etc.

    Climbing rope and the ability to tie a bowline will suffice for reds.

    Roe deer, whatever suits, variety of ropes, sacks and even used a couple of pulp hooks through the legs.

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    +1 on climbing on the handies!!!

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    I use 1" webbing from Tiso 10m of it can be rolled up and fitted into your trouser pocket.

    Never snapped it yet either even draging a 400lb Clean Red stag (with the quad)

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    1" webbing tie a bowline in a bight and you have a drag rope with a harness

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    Quote Originally Posted by mack8317 View Post
    1" webbing tie a bowline in a bight and you have a drag rope with a harness

    I wouldn't tie it to yourself(terrain dependant) if a large beast gets away from you down hill it could seriously injur or kill you!

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