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    Hi there ive just joined a stalking syndicate for the first time and was wondering what to watch out for? (on the way of scams) ive heard a few already and am cautious, and on avarage how oftern do members normaly go to there land? Im already keen but dont want to be too keen?

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    Surely you must have read some paperwork before you joined?

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    As another newbie to the sport, I had been pondering the same questions.

    I have noticed stalking syndicates being advertised but no fees mentioned and presumed this is, quite rightly, a way of keeping financial matters confidential. It does however, prevent some people from requesting more information as they feel they don't want to appear over/under whelmed by the reply.

    I too have read some nightmare scenarios where people have been ripped off not just with stalking rights, but also with paid stalking and DSC2 outings. It has made me very careful and I did a heck of a lot of research before booking my first ever paid stalking ( only 2 weeks to go!).

    It would be great if there was some kind of table with average prices for stalking the different species/sexes, for stalking rights on certain types of land and for prices of decent DSC2 outings.

    Personally I found that, by posting on the forum, lots of people PM'd me and gave some fantastic advice and information and I will be forever grateful.

    Hopefully, someone will PM you and give you some pointers to answer your questions.

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    As Basil said I would of thought there would be some sort of prospectus outlining when you can go or how many times or who you may need to contact before going. I wouldn’t of thought you could be too keen!

    I would stay away from syndicates that are leases on Forestry commission ground without knowing anything about the ground first as they are well known for letting ground that they have been lamping hard for the past few years. more in Scotland than in England.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil
    Surely you must have read some paperwork before you joined?
    yes ive been given the correct paper work and im happy so far. i had a look around the place befor i joined and there was plenty signs of deer. Im just wondering what scams are out there?
    and on avarage how oftern do people use there stalking? i dont want to sound too pushy be going too oftern

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    you're being paranoid, mate.

    Get to know the other members and have a chat with them - they're not about to disclose their favourite spots and tactics but they'll likely give you an idea of how productive the land is etc.

    Have you seen the cull records? Have a quick peek - it'll likely show you how productive the land is, which breeds are most previlent, best months, etc.

    How often we stalk won't really tell you anything. Some will go once a month, some once a week, etc...then you'll have those that only stalk a few times a year but will book out a week, etc.

    It really bepends upon the size of the land - can it hold more than one stalker at a time? I'd be very wary of small/medium sized blocks that are being hammered (more than 3/4 days a week). Similarly, you wouldn't be on me xmas card list if we were on a syndicate (if small/med) and you were moaning that you couldn't get 2 days per week stalking.

    Some of the larger syndicates in my area have at least a half dozen blocks. They'll likely be a stalker on there somewhere every day of the week.

    Not the answer you're looking for, but it's relative.

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