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Thread: transporting rifles for a club; which section of the act?

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    transporting rifles for a club; which section of the act?


    As per the title there has been a bit of a debate in the club about what's needed for people to be able to transport the club rifles to and from the club to bisley etc.
    In the past there has been a letter on the club letterhead that says something along the lines of "Bob says it's ok for Pete to transport the rifle to Bisley".
    That's it, nothing about which section of the act this authority is being given under etc.

    I for one am not keen on the idea as even with the letter, all it takes is a routine traffic stop to divert into a young 'n eager pc pursuing a firearms offence. One would be in possession of a rifle not listed on ones ticket and "Bob said it was ok" doesn't amount to much of a defence in a court of law - I wouldn't have thought. Either way it would mean probably spending a fair amount of time trying to sort out and frankly, if work got wind of a "suspicion of having committed a firearms related offence.." no thank you.

    Now I've skimmed through the acts and the only piece I can find relates to miniature clubs i.e. .22lr which specifically excludes anything bigger.

    Does anyone know which section the authority for club folks to transport comes from?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think they would have to be named on the club FAC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarms View Post
    I think they would have to be named on the club FAC.
    Good input; I'd not thought about that. I was under the impression there was only 1 name on the FAC, the secretary.

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    Section 45 of the 97 amendment act says:

    "Subject to subsection (4) below, a member of a rifle club approved by the Secretary of State may, without holding a firearm certificate, have in his possession a rifle and ammunition when engaged as a member of the club in connection with target shooting."

    To me the key word is "in connection with" not "directly engaged in" - implying transport is acceptable without a licence.

    As far as I can make out there are no further details of what documentation is needed for the above. Years I used to transport fullbores from my old club in nottingham down to bisley and didnt even carry a letter from the president.... at the time the FLO said that was not a problem.

    I guess all things considered both serial numbers of rifles and names of club members are kept by the FLO so if ever there was a problem then a quick call should suffice

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    Yep, section 45 is the baby

    Any member of the club can hold the actual FAC, its not restricted to any particular office. In most cases, the Secretary will hold the FAC as he/she does most of the club paperwork any way.
    We have a position on the committee of "Club Armourer" and he holds the FAC and firearms. We have two seperate committee members who also hold the clubs FAC (in effect, the club has 3 holders of the same FAC) but they are restricted to purchasing and keeping club ammunition. They can not purchase or keep firearms on the FAC.

    Each committee member carries a letter of authority signed by the Secretary, informing anyone who may enquire, that the person is allowed to transport club firearms and ammunition in accordance with Section 45, when about club business. For the added benefit of any enquiry, each person also carries a copy of the club FAC but with the FAC holders' details blanked out. None of the normal committee members are named on the FAC, nor are they required to be so by law

    This makes getting club firearms and ammunition to club events, range days and to/from gunsmiths much easier and means the FAC holders do not have to commit as much time to the club as in the past. It also allows the club to hold much more ammunition than would be allowed to be stored in a single place.

    As in all cases, check with your own FLD for up to date information regarding splitting FAC's and carrying club firearms/ammunition

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