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Thread: Full Custom 7mm Rem Mag

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    Full Custom 7mm Rem Mag

    Hi, just testing the water really as i am thinking of selling my custom 7mm Rem Mag. It was built by Brock and Norris and consists of the following; Blueprinted stainless Remington 700 action (very smooth after blueprinting), large bolt handle,30" Bartlein Super Match grade barrel (very heavy profile) with invisable thread protector and matching invisable join muzzle brake, Larger recoil lug, Jewell trigger currently set to aroung 8oz, Ken Farrel 20MOA picatinny rail, Accuracy International stock with adjustable cheek piece and quick adjust cheek piece screws, Accuracy International bi-pod and Accuracy International Mono-pod. (both of these items may be removed but any buyer can just put a harris bi-pod on) Wildcat Predator 12 sound moderator, dies, cases. This rifle has fired around 350 rounds and will shoot fantastically, will shoot into an inch at 300 yards all day long (if i am doing my bit), it recoils no more than a 243 due to the weight and the adjustability of the stock. Scope, rings, bipod and monopod not included.
    As you can see there is a lot of money gone into this rifle. 1400 O.N.O
    Please PM with any inquiries.
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    Price reduced to 1400 which is a give away for this quality build!
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    That's a carlsberg rifle,wish I had the money

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    Ok last reduction, i wont let her go for silly money as she is too good a rifle so i have reduced the price to a daft 1400! (i will take the right rifle in PX, Tikka varmint or similar)

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    Ian you have a pm, Cheers, Tony

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    Glad someone seen the light! mega rifle for the money,
    atb Pete

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    hi there must say thats a lovely piece of kit firstly have you any used brass for reloading?
    And secondly did you have to have the mag adjusted to take 7mm rem mag as i havent seeen an ai mag in 7mm rem mag advertised on there site.
    I have a project rifle i intend to restock so any advice would be much apreciated

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    Hi Rob, thanks, it is a serious piece of kit! As for the brass it was listed as part of the sale so it is going with the rifle, i had just purchased 100 brand new cases so the new owner will be sorted. The mag needs no alterations as they use the 300 win mag magazine so they fit and feed perfectly.

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