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Thread: Stalking Available - Hampshire

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    Stalking Available - Hampshire

    We have a small number of trophy/medal roe bucks available for this rut in Hampshire.

    Please EMAIL me for full details on



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    Shot a bronze medal last year with Mike. Plenty of large bucks around!

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    Remark removed as there is no evidence to your remark and furthermore you are obviously an agent who has not bothered to pay for the privelage of advertising on this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristian View Post
    Sorry you can`t trust what he offer
    Yes you can! This site is not here for you to commit slander against peoples hard won reputations! If you don't have anything constructive to contribute, don't bother!


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    Quote Originally Posted by kristian View Post
    Sorry you can`t trust what he offer
    Care to elaborate on that?

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    Kristian, no offense meant to a fellow Dane, but it appears from your posts that you are actually an agent organising shoots via the stalking directory, in which case this whole time you really should have been a 'trade member' and duly pay the fees associated.

    I cannot recall you posting that you've been to the UK to stalk with Jelen, I can only imagine you've sent clients there who have not shot what they had hoped for - now if that is indeed the case and it's not first hand experience, it's not necessarily fair to put someone's business' reputation into disrepute on a public UK forum now is it. In all instances, you really should take it up with Mike or at least post a full accurate depiction of the events that lead to your conclusions of his services.

    sorry to post such a comment, but I do believe Mike (even though I've not stalked there) is open and honest about the types of stalking he offers, whether it's enclosed park, open land, highseats, etc. from any communications I've had with him/his business, I've only been impressed tbh.



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    Mike from jellen offered me a gold roe buck infact four gold roe bucks, that would be a brave statement if you never had them.
    Never met him or used their company but spoke to him on the phone, he seem's sound to me just a bloke trying to make a living same as any other pro guide/company involved with deer. DF
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    You can definitely Believe what Mike from jelen has to say I stalked there last week and saw two gold medal Roe one of whitch was only forty yards away an absolutely cracking beast. If only I had the money for a trophy like the one's I saw .

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristian View Post
    Sorry you can`t trust what he offer
    Interesting comment from someone who is well known as a parasitic pseudo sporting agent (despite not being a trade member?).

    All of 18 posts....17 of them asking for stalking for his clients and one slandering a well respected trade member...what a joke!

    I guess they do things differently in Denmark.
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