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    I am currently insured with the countryside aliance under a syndicate shoot policy.
    My question is would it be better to take out my own membership-insurance policy or stay with the shoot membership.
    Any thoughts?

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    Probably a bit cheaper as a syndicate but not hugely. The saving is in the administration for CA I guess.

    No other difference.

    Don't raise the alternatives to CA on here. I did and BOOOF!

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    i have mine through the shoot syndicate as well ( CA ) this was a requirement, so that the shoot captain knew that all members were insured and he didnt have to chase all the members and check that they had renewed .
    CA have said iam insured to go out and stalk etc.
    shoot captains happy.
    do you need to change??


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    CA is good insurance - dont only look at the insurance but what the organisation does to protect your sport in the country or region you shoot in.

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