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Thread: Dog food

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    Dog food

    I am currently feeding Field and Trail to my spaniels and lab.
    Is there anyone feeding vast amounts of food to their dogs and if so what would you recomend?
    Just trying to keep the cost down without feeding the dogs on a lesser quality food.

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    I mix wagg worker and chudleys original mine seem to do well on it and as they are kennelled they don't seem to spread shi:te all over the place ,wagg is 17 kg bag and chudleys 15 kg so 32kg for 24

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    Csj champ. but they do a whole range of feeds. forgot to say its 10.75 for 15kg. really good for dogs which suffer with a dodgey guts.
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    Slaughterhouse waste with Tesco own brand mixer. Dogs seem to very well on it. ***** is firm and their coats and eyes shine.

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    I use Wagg worker mixed with Beta active seems ok for mine

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    My dogs seem to do well on straight wagg worker. Cheap as chips and asda deliver it! I've had them on other, more expensive stuff (rough and ready or field and trial) before and they eat a lot of grass on it. Wagg seems quite good for them, they run about forests all day, every (working) day.

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    Wagg worker on all dogs and was asked last year what I was feeding them (labs) as their coats were shiny and generally in good nick. 10 a bag and scraps from our meals no bother at all.

    Tescos had a 3 for 2 offer a while ago which about broke my pals landrover as he bought so much he asked the young lad in the store for another pallet!!

    When you look at the ingredients there's not much difference between the wagg and pricey stuff.

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    Lovely job thanks

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    Dr Johns Silver, 10 does well on it.

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    We used field and trial for a long long time then we noticed a problem with one of our Irish Water Spaniels in that she was loosing her coat and had really bad skin. 100s of pounds worth of vet tests (Thyroid, Blood, Allergy) were all inconclusive, so in a hit and hope measure we changed her diet to Skinners Hypoallergenic and within a couple of months her coat and skin had fully recovered. There is nothing wrong with Field & Trial the problem was with the dog, but now we feed all the dogs on the hypoallergenic stuff.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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