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Thread: BRNO Fox .222 Magazine

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    BRNO Fox .222 Magazine

    As title: Anyone got a spare Fox Mod1 .222 magazine please. Cash waiting.
    Please pm me as I then get an email alert.
    Thanks folks.

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    How about a broken one to use as a pattern to have some made?. Or if you don't want to sell your spare: how about a loan to have it patterened?.

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    Just received a 'post 93' mag from TW Chambers. doesn't fit - but not far off!. Will keep you posted when I've done a bit of 'fettling'.
    TW Chambers - by the way - great firm to do business with.

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    Hi 243ack
    Just found your post.
    I have been on the lookout for one as well.
    How did you get on with your modificaton ?
    I reckoned it would be easier to find a set of hens teeth that would fit !!!


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    Hi Alan
    Pre '93 (mine) completely unavailable. I purchased a post 93 and modified it easily. Then the original turned up!!.

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    care to post some pics.
    I have one now and a spare mag might be very useful

    Am I right in thinking it is just the pimple on the front edge that is different?

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