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Thread: Worming dogs

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    Worming dogs

    My two dogs are a pair of little ba5tards when it comes to worming time.

    I have tried crumbling the tablets up / powdering them / keeping them whole and mixing them with tinned dog food with lots of gravy, putting them in cheese, fish, dropping them in their mouths and they always spit them out.

    Can anyone offer any other suggestions as they need wormed but I cant get the tablets into them!!!

    I use drontal as my terrier is allergic to panacur.

    Better still is a jag available as neither of them mind a jag at the vets.

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    Yep, lower jaw grabbed by forcing lips over teeth to stop them biting down and closing mouth, tablet rammed down the back of throat with thumb and forefinger of free hand and then muzzle clamped shut while they have no choice but to swallow it! Sounds drastic (it is), but over and done with in less than 10seconds!!!! To be honest normally mine hoover the tablet up in a wee bit if food. Did all 4 the other day and only the GWP managed to eat round it, so she got the above treatment. her expression after did kind of say WTF!!!!!

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    I tried holding the mouth shut today as a last resort however the bitch refused to swallow it (sounds a bit rude!) so after 3 or 4 minutes I gave up as she started to froth at the mouth. I tried massaging her throat but to no avail

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    I stick my worming tablest in a square of cheese, this works for most dogs. Give them a couple of pieces tablet free first then the "spiked" one.

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    I mostly use liduid panacur, but when I use tablets, I just push them down in the troat. Deep enough so they can't throw them up/back and I still have my 10 fingers. When using liquid the same. Dog seated between the legs, either tablet or siringe deep in the throat. It takes only a few seconds. I do every dog in the kennel like that. Dog "training" is no democracy. You decide how it goes.

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    have you tried the chewable tablets from Milbemax?

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    Just get the syrup david. But like Jammy open mouth tablet to the back clamp gob shut it will swallow if not it will get a slap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    to the back clamp gob shut it will swallow if not it will get a slap.
    Glaswegian girls must have loved listening to your chat when winching....

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    Now now bri my woman got treated differnt i love my dogs. Plus she could do with a worm or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    I use drontal as my terrier is allergic to panacur.
    No it's not! One of the ingredients in Drontal is Febantal that is metabolised in the body to the same active ingredient as the Panacur!

    Panacur is really a roundwormer and not suitable for adult dogs where tapeworm are more of an issue (the exception being pregnant bitches).

    The easiest thing is a 'tasty' wormer, Milbemax do a version and there are others.

    If you crush Drontal or get them wet it tastes awful. You have one chance of getting them down. (the Drontal liquid is not the same as the tablets and doesn't cover tapeworms).

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