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Thread: Quad/ATV - gun rack and shooting rest

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    Quad/ATV - gun rack and shooting rest

    Hi looking for a gun rack and a shooting rest to use on a quad / ATV

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    I have a pair very similar to these I might have for sale.
    I'm offshore just now but get home this coming tuesday. If your interested I'll send a pic or 2 then.
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    Thanks - have seen bushwear do em for 34
    Send me the pics when you get back mate.

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    This is my old park culling set up before I went over to Gator/Mule type vehicles. The box is a Clarke tool chest from Machine Mart fixed to the rack with exhaust clamps then the top is ply that is slightly raised on some battens just to get the height spot on. The rifle rack is similar to the ones in the link above. I shoot off a sandbag with my elbows on the handlebars. I found this to be very good and the tool chest is ideal for keeping all your monkeys and parrots secure and dry. Glyn.

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    Looks good mate but was thinking about a raised bar type rest covered in pipe foam.
    Then i could mount the gun rack on the top of the front rack.
    Given me some good ideas though!
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    Anyone got anything they don't need/use?

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