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Thread: Recoil Reducers

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    Recoil Reducers

    Just back from a morning at the range shooting exclusively from prone off a bipod with my usual .308.

    Got through a few rounds and could just about fry an egg on the barrel after 3 shots laying out in the sun!

    For the first time I have suffered with a sore shoulder which I know is due to the stock being higher up in the shoulder than from any other position. Just wearing a t shirt didn't help but if was too hot for more.

    Now I'm doing more with the rifle than before having joined a club and notjust stalking and zeroing I am thinking about the benefits of fitting a recoil reducer of the izzard type or similar. Back in the day when I was getting through 10's of thousands of shotgun cartridges I had a recoil reducer fitted in my competition gun and it was probably the best 200 I ever spent on something to help with my shooting.

    Does anyone have experience of using recoil reducers on rifles (the sprung oil damper type)? The eye relief must bs s consideration but the maximum movement on the one in my shotgun is only about 15mm but I have nearly 100mm of eye relief so I wouldn't think it could be a problem. I hope the scope isn't getting within 15mm of me at the moment!

    Any experience appreciated.

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    moderator or muzzle brake?
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    Definitely an 'unofficial fix', but when we get clients with recoil issues - most frequently new starters - and usual method already done or not appropriate - eg moderator then start out with the following -

    Remove butt pad and check there's sufficient space - usually a breeze with synthetic stocks. Lightly 'pack' a bin bag or part thereof into the void. Add a triple wrapped food bag with 150-300 grams of small lead shot. Top off with more of said bin bag. Replace butt pad.

    Aim is to make sure the shot bag doesnt unduly shift/ rattle about - but not so tight as to inhibit any movement.

    Whilst not quite as effective as full on mercury type/ piston type dampers, the weight and the ability of the shot to flow slightly significantly alters the recoil pulse - effectively stretching it out.

    Usually sufficient to make shooter much more comfortable. Once experienced can be easily removed.

    May be worth a near zero cost try?
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