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Thread: Bullet puller

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    Bullet puller

    Not sure what i want but i dont want another hammer. i have just split another one.

    I have loaded a load of .222 and they are wrong. long story but i know what is wrong. i need to split and re do 200 crimped .222 rounds.

    i see there is a RBS and a hornady. i know no differant so anything that will make this job easier would be good please.

    thanks guys.

    Kind regards


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    i can do the rcbs press type puller if you are interested if so send us a pm please
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    depends on how much your talking, if its around the same as the local shops then i dont want to sound ungrateful but i would rather support them, after all, if their gone i cant get

    Ideally i was looking for a cheaper secondhand one.

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    Im sorted now. I should have thought about it earlier. I used my smaller lather with a collet in the tail stock and the brass holder in the chuck. a pot under the case to catch any powder. a little tap on the cam arm and out they popped. 10 minutes, 50 brass done. well happy. money saved is always good to me.

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