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Thread: poi shift and pillar bedding

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    poi shift and pillar bedding

    I've been having split groups the last couple of times I've been down the range.
    2 together then 1 on it's own.
    This coincided with my rear bedding bolt backing out.I kept tightening it,but it kept happening.
    The factory bedding is very cheap.The front bolt goes into a plastic cup in the stock and the rear goes into the triggerguard.The trigger guard is plastic...!Not very satisfactory.The factory bolts fit in the triggerguard,but when I got my Choate stock,I had to get new ones which split the guard,so I put a washer under it.It worked ok until now.
    I decided to have a look under the triggerguard,which wasn't very good.Seems like I've been tightening the bolts too tight for the wood,which is a matchstick factory.I do swap barrels over a lot.
    I made an aluminium pillar roughly the height of the wood but slightly wider than the original bolthole which I drilled out an extra mm.I then bored the pillar to accept the bolt,in this case 6.5mm.
    Looking at the damage,I could have made the pillar wider than the trigger guard,but I would have had to mill a recess in the stock and that would look odd,especially as it wouldnt match the front,which you can't see.So I made the pillar as wide as the trigger guard and it dropped right in the recess.I then bolted everything together without any glue,to make sure it would fit,which I'm pleased to say it did.I'd bought some 2 part epoxy from screwfix,and mixed a blob together.I smeared it over the pillar and the bolthole and stuck it in.Epoxy squeezed itself into the trigger guard recess,but not in the bolthole,which would have been bad.Hopefully enough to stop the wood splitting anymore.
    There were more cracks on the top of the bolthole in the bedding area,which didn't fill me with confidence.I didn't have the gear ready to bed those bits,so I dropped some superglue into the cracks.They soaked right in.Hopefully combined with the pillar,they won't get any bigger
    I reassembled the rifle,but only used 25"lbs on the bolts.
    When the epoxy's dried properly,I'll give it a test.Finger's crossed!
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