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Thread: Home made high seat.

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    Home made high seat.

    Had to get a high seat for my stalking permission, made this, feeling pretty please with it. I has a rope to fasten it to the tree, a safety rope over a high branch and spike pad at the base to stop it slipping. I'm getting a rail made to shoot off.
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    I like the design there, having just bought a mig welder I keep wondering about having a go at making one but I like the idea of an alloy ladder as if I made the whole thing from mild steel I can imagine it would be pretty heavy!


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    The geometry is pretty basic but solid. I put two lengths of threaded rod through the rungs. I've still got the other half of the ladder, so I'll maybe make another one so that I leave one in place for a day or two.

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    i am just working my way through a portable high seat design that comes in lighter and taller than the bushwear model (oh and significantly cheaper!!)

    would be interested to see how you are sorting the rail

    I have a few different ideas for some adjustability

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    would be interested to see how you are sorting the rail

    Don't tell him Flanker!
    ​" How Much !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinl View Post
    would be interested to see how you are sorting the rail

    Don't tell him Flanker!
    Ha-ha! Harsh! I'll stick up some pics when it's done. Using an old alloy ladder definitely saves weight and time.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Got the rail added, can't wait to get the ropes back on and get out to use it now

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    That seat looks the biz...I'm off to one of the farms in a while, and will ask the farmer what the chances of doing some welding for me would be.. Plenty old ladders lying around, loads of wood too..just the welding that will hold me up..

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    For the shooting rail you could use a Gorrilla rest. It would clamp onto the top or first rung in the middle and consists of an extendable rail with 2 right angles topped with a shooting rest that swivels 360 degrees. You straddle the rail and this is the only thing that would stop you falling out so if you are prone to falling asleep in the seat be carefull!!

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    Excellent, was thinking along same lines but thought an alluminium ladder a little week. If you want something more substantial and not too heavy google steel scaffolding ladders. They appear to be reasonably priced, large varriety of lengths and obviuosly BS rated as they are for industrial use, with a much higher load rating. Also as they are steel easy to weld brackets onto.


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