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Thread: Remington Bolt Release

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    Remington Bolt Release

    I thought I knew as much about Remington Rifles as there was to know but finally I am stumped.
    I have a Remington rifle that I have had for some time and played with it, swopping stocks, mounts, triggers and anything else that would move.
    Not that the rifle needed any of the changes, I did it purely for cosmetic reasons and for something to do if it was raining.
    However !!! now I have suddenly met a problem with the bolt release either, not working when pressed up or sticking in the 'bolt release' position and still not releasing the bolt.
    I have removed the slide that goes up and down in the slot of the action on a pin.
    I have thoroughly cleaned it and the slot, checked the spring for tension and found nothing untoward.
    I have looked at the trigger unit and cleaned the unit and blown it dry then checked the flat slide that protrudes inside the trigger guard and checked the other end to make sure it is 'bent' at the correct angle to fit in the 'groove' at the end of the slide, the bit that goes up and down inside the groove in the action.
    I have compared it to the trigger unit one of my other Remington rifles and can see nothing different with the Mk 1 eye.
    Has anybody else ever come across such a thing, or more to the point, can anybody else understand my situation from what I have written
    All those Remington haters needn't bother telling me to throw it away or use it as a garden cane as I have used Remingtons for years and seen many others in use with good results, so have my own opinion of them and until I find something seriously wrong with them I will still love them

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    Yes had the same thing when I fitted a jewell trigger on my remmy.
    The lever that you press under trigger (and goes up the left side of trigger block) was touching the inside of the stock and binding.
    Check the bolt release functions out of the stock.May have to remove small amount of material inside stock.

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    Well I never, Mark I was only thinking of that tonight.
    I have had all the parts working out of the stock so only just realised it has to be something to do with the stock.
    Although there was a couple of times when it stuck and the flat bit that slides up the side of the trigger unit came off of the lower pin making the top of it come away from the notch in the lever in the action.
    I will have another look tomorrow and the next day and the next day until I get it right as it cannot be much causing it to stick.

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    As above, get the sandpaper out.


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    Come on Ed!!, How long you been doi'n this!!, ...
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Its either the foreward trigger mounting pin fouling the release block (the flat part that moves up and down to prevent the bolt retracting) or the trigger release mech is being fouled in the stock.

    The last thing it could be is gunk gumming up the moving parts.

    I suppose the spring could be damaged or broken, but ive never heard of that happening.

    I have loads of spares here if it is broken.

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    All the parts ie spring, lever, pins, slide etc is clean and pristine.
    The only thing I can think of is the inside of the stock but even that has clearance, I've just looked.
    The strange thing is that it sometimes sticks when checking it before putting back in the stock and causes the thin slidy bit that comes down the side of the trigger housing to slide off of the bottom guide pin.
    This indicates that it must be fouling something where the top of it touches the lever in the action, it has a little knub at the end of it for the flat piece to push against.
    This is causing me sleepless nights !!
    I used it on Monday and it has no effect on the rifle but I like all my kit to be as perfect as it can don't start all you Remington haters
    Apart from this niggly problem I am beginning to enjoy the Remmy almost more than my Blaser
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    Well Guys, this is still playing me up.
    I cleaned all the bits that move, checked the inside of the stock, I even changed the stock to see if that made any difference and it worked for a while then played up again so it isn't the stock clearance that is causing the problem.
    The spring still has it's 'springyness' the slot in the action is clean, the flats on the bolt release lever is smooth, the bent bits on the end of the flat that goes up the side of the trigger unit is at the correct angle.
    So what else is there ?
    The only thing I can think of is the bearing surface on the bolt release lever where the flat piece slides up the side of the trigger unit and touches, this has to move slightly as the lever moves but to the Mk 1 eye it looks smooth so I cannot see anything at all wrong.
    The answer would be to replace the headless pin in the trigger unit with one with a head, that would prevent the slide disengaging but I'm not sure there is such a thing available.
    I have considered changing the bolt release lever but even they are not readily available and postage would make it more expensive than the item.
    Has anybody else come across this situation and sorted it and how ?
    Come on Muir where are you ? you or some of your fellow shooters must have come across this problem surely.
    The rifle is working perfectly apart from that. I had a fox, Muntjac and a Fallow pricket with it the other day so it isn't all doom and gloom.

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    Sorry EmcC, hard to diagnose without the gun in hand. I don't know how you have it adjusted but my standard advice when bolt releases or safeties don't work is to back the adjustments out -especially sear engagement and over travel- and see how that influences the function. ~Muir

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    Hi Muir, It's nothing to do with the trigger engagement or safety catch.
    It is purely the Bolt release mechanism.
    Normally you would push the catch up and the bolt would come out of the action.
    The catch is situated in the trigger guard just behind the trigger, by pushing it up, the top of it acts on a lever that is in a groove along the action. The catch pushes the lever up which lowers the front of the lever releasing the bolt from the action.
    In my case by pushing it up it disengages from one of the two pins, the lower headless one on the side of the trigger unit, and therefore isn't pushing the lever to disengage the bolt from the action.
    If I could put a head on the lower pin to prevent it disengaging then it would work but I cannot see how I can do that very easily.

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