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Thread: Price of Wheat

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    Price of Wheat

    Our syndicate birds are due next week. Over the last weeks the sydicate have contacted the contacts for Wheat and have discovered they dont have any this year as it was too wet!! Next stop further afield in hope of finding some locally. Weve been told the price has already rose from 150 to 200!! Could the cost go through the roof this due to the weather!! We need 15 tonnes to see us through.


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    Buy it now is my only thoughts
    200 sounds cheap as sweepings may go higher
    going to be an expensive year I feel

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone View Post
    Buy it now is my only thoughts
    200 sounds cheap as sweepings may go higher
    going to be an expensive year I feel

    Thats the general thought in the shoot. But will it be a gamble and worth waiting to see what happens. Most of the wheat just now is from France. Ive just bee on some agri site.


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    We did a deal with a local farmer to buy all of his last years wheat
    so are getting it at last years prices
    The problem with this gamble will be if they can harvest it whilst still under 250 a tonne
    that is any one's guess
    sure hope you are lucky

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    Might there be some bread making wheat being sold for animal feed this year?

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    There's a lot laid over round here. The risks from mictoxins will be high. Bound to be a shortage of good quality wheat, beware the rejected mouldy stuff!

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    check out this page for current prices and this for wheat futures all plus haulage. doesn't look like it's going to drop much unless you can find someone who needs to move it in a hurry. Good luck

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    Straw will be on sshort supply too.
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    Will get it straight from the combine if dry enough all our wheat is usually sold pre harvest anyway,don't panic that's what my boss always says .he is always relaxed about such things .i am more concerned about next yrs cropping BEANS arhhh late to go in and late to harvest .the whole farm in beans hate em .

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    Spoke to a pal in Yorkshire paid 220 a ton on fri. Price set to rise problem is knock on effect of pellets next year and poult price will rise accordingly. This is the thin end of the wedge because of the weather. ( ps I'm fine as my boss is one of the biggest grain merchants in Scotland so he will always get it for a good price) :-)

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