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Thread: First solo stalk first buck

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    First solo stalk first buck

    I arranged to meet Malcolm at 4.00 am at his lease in West Sussex. We started with the usual cupa and chat before proceedings begin. He said he was going to put me in a high seat for the morning and off we go. Drops me at the high seat at around 4.45am with a quick brief on the lay of the land and approx ranges of certain landmarks. I climbed into the seat and got settled as I was sorting myself out from my left side to the back of me I heard th thump th thump th thump and a bloody great Roe buck with a huge head bounded straight down the centre of the oats and disappeared into the wood at the bottom. So there were bucks about all I to do was hope an oppertunaty presented itself.
    Well an hour passed with nothing but the pigeons and the dawn chorus for company. Then to my right at the bottom of the field movement, I glassed the area to see a Roe doe ambling along the spray run without a care in the world. I tried a roe call to see if maybe there was a buck near by, nothing. A half hour passed by the doe still loitering, then movement to my left the other side of the hedgerow. 2 Roe a doe being chased around in circles by a buck. Ranged the pair at 280 yards too far for a confident shot so I watched for a while. An hour had now passed from when the first doe had appeared who indecently was still keeping me company some 60-70 yards away. And the courting couple still running around in circles, she obviously was not ready for his attentions so I thought a call my make him think about heading my way to the doe in front of me. But nothing he intent on getting with his doe.
    Well its now 7.30 am and I get a call from Malc saying he will be along half and hour to pick me up,
    I told him of the couple in the next field and asked if I could try to get close enough for a shot. He said they would probably wind me but I was welcome to try but be sure of a back stop. So off I go on my first solo stalk. My plan of attack was to head straight down the spray run in front of me to the wood at the bottom. Once I reached the woods I made my way to the hedgerow, the ground underfoot was akin to walking on a wet mattress very soft and squelchy. Part 2 of my plan accomplished now at this point I could not see the either of the 2 deer as they were on a piece of rough grassed area which sat back from me, I had 10 meters of wood to stalk along before I had any idea if I had a chance. I put my bag down so I had least chance of making any noise, I got to the end of the wood and the doe was still there and further right so was the buck, luckily there was a bit of cover from small a tree and some bushes. Using the tree as a rest I got the buck in the cross hair and gently squeezed. Down he went on the spot job done. Malc arrived shortly after to announce that he was a good sized bronze medal buck.
    So my third ever stalk, my first solo stalk and my first buck is a medal.
    A good mornings work

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    Great writeup Shaun...and great pics too. Looks like a nice head there... Well done on your first stalk's a heart pounding time eh?? Hope you have many more to come.. Keep up the good writeups too..

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    Well done,good write,thanks for sharing and well done for the medal!!

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    Well done mate on the stalk. I hope it's the first of many more to come

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    Great write up & nice buck!!!
    Well done!

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    Congrats. Having recently had my first solo buck I can taste the excitement in your write up.

    Hope you have more to come.

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    Well done! I'm very envious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norrie1956 View Post
    Great writeup Shaun...and great pics too. Looks like a nice head there... Well done on your first stalk's a heart pounding time eh?? Hope you have many more to come.. Keep up the good writeups too..
    I agree with you Norrie1956, brilliant write up, it is as though you were with Shaun, well done Shaun!!

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    Well done, nice Buck!!

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    well done shaun, another nice buck from malc's ground nice story i enjoyed it alot!!

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