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Thread: Fox Calling Advice Please??

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    Fox Calling Advice Please??

    I've called foxes with fairly good success when I've been out during daylight and spotted them at distance but I'm looking on advice on calling foxes from cover. There are a couple of rough overgrown areas on my permisson which undoubtedly hold a fox or 2 but I've never been able to call an 'unseen' fox despite the usual precautions of approaching into wind and silently. Any advice on what time of day or frequency/duration of calling and how long to give it before giving up?

    Haven't tried it yet this summer so hoping that there'll be a new generation that haven't got wise to me yet!!

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    Use a remote caller upwind of the cover, then put some smelly bait out upwind of that. Sit back, get yourself ready and shoot them as they come. I took three this way yesterday evening.

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    1 get remote caller theres one on flee bay which can be purchased for less than50 notes comes with a c/d cant recomend this set up enughf 250foxes a year cant be bad 2 when using call dont put it on for 30 seconds then move couple of minutes at least dont move your positon if you dont see eneything a hundread times i have withnesed foxes coming out as you walk away always look back 3 1 hour before dark plant your but stay there foxes will cross your path if there are eney foxes in the area 4 get some night vision worth its waight in gold if your serius about foxing get the best you can dont scimp on night vision you get what you pay for full stop all my deer stalking i get for free in return for my foxing a 2000 pound night vision scope may seamlike big money but i can shoot as meney or as little roe red deer as i like the cost of stalking would be more than the night vision farmers like nothing more than dead foxes at there door well mine do as for callers pay atenton to what time of year it is ie dont play vixen in heat in the middle of summer or some yank cayotey call selecting the right call at the right time pays of a long of fox call folowed by rabbit distress sounds like mr fox has just got dinner folow with vixen in heat sounds like a partey every other fox in the area will com runing for a bit of acton hope it helps

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