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Thread: Factory or Home Load

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    Factory or Home Load

    Do you pick your rounds off the shelf Home load or both.

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    only get factory rounds for the brass .

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    i tend to reload for both 6.5x55 and .223, the main reason i got into reloading was due to the styer .223 being sooo fussy about ammo. i settled on a round that i knew it liked as opposed to trying to find factory ammo that would give me the accuracy i wanted. i dont mind reloading as i am not shooting large quantities of ammo and it doesnt take up too much of my time.


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    Home load, more accurate, more consistent and cheaper.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Home load, more accurate, more consistent and cheaper.

    JAYB has it spot on there , plus i enjoy the load development , but the brass prep is an arse ache

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    I just love it, trouble is I reckon I've already found an anorak on the peg. It's nearly as bad as getting a dog (cocker), it's all I can now talk about. Bubble

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    Recently got a .22 Hornet and being keen to go shoot it (and not having all the supplies to reload) bought my first box of factory ammo in over 20 years... Yikes!!! it's got awful 'spensive...

    The last "off the shelf" ammo I bought before this was for a .270win and that cost less per round (11 for a box of 20 Norma 130grainers) than the Hornet ammo does now (38 for a box of 50 Winchester 45 grainers)

    I know I've spent a heap on kit but I bought most of it yonks ago and I fire around a thousand rounds of centrefire ammo a year, sometimes a lot more. So, it is definitely a route to cheaper and more consistent ammo... over time.

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    Home loader here. Except for the rimfire.

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    Always home loaded.
    Now havent time so just load for foxing.
    And when my 6.5 will shoot 3/4 inch groups with 50p a chuck privvis why should I when clients can fire a few rounds a week through it.
    My 7mm with rws will shoot 1 inch at 200m's and for the 20 or so rounds a year I fire in that dont care its 52 a box.
    Loading now for my 9.3 because I load it lighter for practice to cut cost and recoil but not trying to shoot tiny groups with that.(actually the hand loads do shoot very well)
    I wouldn't even reload for the 22250 as the privvis i tried in that shot very well but the heads did not expand quick and foxes were running after been hit.
    So I have answered BOTH.
    I can set all my ammo needs down against tax anyway so its a no brainer.

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