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Thread: Using kitchen fridges as chillers:

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    Using kitchen fridges as chillers:

    Afternoon all,

    Quick question, am l ok to use a kitchen fridge as a chiller? In my job l clear offices etc. Yesterday bought home a 6 month old (never used) 6ft fridge / drinks chiller combo (but essentially it is a fridge). Is it ok to use as a chiller if it is set low (bearing in mind its not having to work so hard with all the shelving out/perhaps a carcas or two (mainly Muntys/Roe) in it at any one time.


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    The principal problems you're likely to face are i) the speed of cooling, and ii) arranging a method for hanging the carcases. Drinks chillers are pretty weedy in general, but worth a try.

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    Like this?

    It works ok with some limitations. The unit I have has a circulating fan which is a definate "plus"...Also, I leave carcasses to cool to room temp before putting them in because as baldrick mentions, these type of fridges are not really meant to chill too much heat load..

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    They are fine to use as Pete says, one way of dropping the carcass temp is to put it in a chest freezer if you have one for a couple of hours to rapidly cool it before putting it in to your domestic fridge.

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    I've got a setup just like Pete E's (in fact I thought he'd broken in to my larder and taken a sneaky photo ) It works fine. Like Pete, I also hang my carcases in the larder for a few hours before putting them in the fridge.

    I got my fridge off of eBay for around 25.


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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn

    I got my fridge off of eBay for around 25.

    Bugger, that was even cheaper than mine!

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    i use a fridge as a chiller i got a little 6" clip type desk top fan from e bay and this helps air cirulation and lowers the running temp a huge amount as it creats a wind chill . i run my fan 15min on 15min off via a timer.

    i have put warm carcasss in fridge/chiller ,all i do is put fridge on lowerst temp setting and run fan constantly for 4hrs . ....neil

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    Sounds like it would work then!

    I'm interested in putting a fan if nothing lse to help it chill/create a wind chill, and make it more economical to run. The 6" fan you use griffshrek is that a protable car type fan running off a bat or something 240v?

    Thanks all for the info - l have a huge chst freezer too so i'll bear in mind the need to chill 'down' before 'fridging' a carcass.



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    I'd modifiy a small 240V desk fan...

    The fan in my fridge runs 24/7 when the fridge is on, exect when the fridge door is openned...

    Personally, I don't think you can have too much air circulation inside the fridge; its certainly better to have "too much" rather than "too little"..



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    I have just finished jointing up a Doe from seasons end , no problems with it at all , It was dry , no hint of a mould, and smelt perfick .I have a drinks chiller set up as Pete E , only mine is double doored , it has an integral fan for circulation and stands cool at about 2c , so I am well happy, 20.00 for that and a 5 ft ice cream freezer as a spare just in case freezer.

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