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Thread: Just seen a combine on the Barley (1st this year)

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    Just seen a combine on the Barley (1st this year)

    10 miles north of York on the East Coast mainline!

    I hope the weather holds for them as a lot of barley is starting to look rotten and black...

    What it does mean for me is that, we should start to see some Muntjac again in the south, provided the combines can get on the land ! -


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    Ours started last night. We were out Sat am, 3" of water in the tram lines, never seen the ground so wet. Got within 20yds 2 does, but as always buck on other side and well concealed, supose thats how they survive. Foxing difficult last night as huge swath nothing baled, however might get on some this eve. Also as you may get a chance at some munties if they still still for long enough.


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    My next door started sunday,

    I think he has a bet as to who can start first.

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    saw first swathed rape on sunday, near wetherby. First barley going under combine today. Finally it starts.

    Grass still coming in all over tho

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    Barley cut on fields on Friday in Dorset though the ground was wet, cut around Salisbury yesterday and today have clients over for the pigeon and had two good days of decoying with a good wind and temperature at 27C but no sign of any rutting activity at all yet.
    At the moment the rape has been sprayed off and they intend to start cutting it this weekend which should start the ball rolling.

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