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Thread: Leupold mk4 m1 long range tactical,8.5-25x50 milldot

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    Leupold mk4 m1 long range tactical,8.5-25x50 milldot


    Thanks for looking
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    Great scope at a good price id have it if i had the money, unless you want to di a swap deal?

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    Is this a VXIII and not a MK4 as in the title (just looking at the box)?


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    Hence the pic of box!
    thought that all M1's were MK4's, but may be wrong, this way people can see whats on offer.
    atb Pete

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    Sorry Pete, but didn't mean to crab your sale. Just noticed the difference between the title and the box is all.


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    Hi No prob son,
    i deffo would'nt want to mislead anyone!
    what'd they say a pics worth a thousands words!
    ATB Pete

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    It looks like a mk4 but box says vx111,how can you tell the difference,has it had m1 turrets put on it.
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    Leupold changed the name of the tactical range a few years ago from M1 Vxiii to M1 Mk4 LR/T and went from the gold box to the black Mk4 box. I have owned both and didn't feel there was any difference in performance. Hope this helps.

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    As theres seems to be some confusion about this, just look at the product number which is 54690, a quick check on Leupolds web site,will show you ,that this is a MK4 M1 MATTE, 8.5-25x50 LONG RANGE TACTICAL, MILLDOT, ALL MK4's ARE VX111's.

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