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Thread: Parker Hale 110 Lightweight .243Win excellent condition, screwcut 1/2" UNF

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    Parker Hale 110 Lightweight .243Win excellent condition, screwcut 1/2" UNF

    I am putting this up for sale as I have my eye on a smaller calibre for foxes and my .270 does everything I need for deer

    When I took possession it was stripped, cleaned and renovated with re-oiling and steaming small marks out of the wood.
    rear and fore sight screw holes have been filled with custom threaded plugs.
    I have owned it about 18 months and it has shot approximately 120 rounds in that time.
    Very good condition with excellent bore condition.
    Groups very well with 100gr SP bullets.

    Rose wood Grip cap
    Just over 7lbs naked (no scope, mounts, mod etc)

    200 face to face

    Will ship to RFD if required or travel within a reasonable distance

    It is shown with bipod and scope/mounts which are available if required
    Bipod is a harris 9-13" - 40
    Scope is a Leupold VX3 6.5-20x40 Varmint reticule - 500
    Mounts are Leupold windage adjustable bolt on - 20

    Also available are:
    100 Lapua Brass (just annealed) 50
    selection of bullets including 100gr Hornady SP Boat Tail Interlocks, 100gr Hornady SP Round Nose, 87gr SP Interlocks, 90gr Berger HP, 75gr VMax, 65gr Berger HPFB, 60gr Scierra HP (totalling around 600)
    Rifle must go first.

    Groups with 100gr Interlock SP over N160 in Lapua Brass

    Starting load with 87gr SP (literally tried it up to 46gr of N160 and shot it at a reasonable seating depth, not touched it since as I stuck with 100gr)

    1 shot with 75gr VMax to test it

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    weight updated
    all PM's replied to thanks

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    updated ammo list to go either separately or with the rifle at a very small additional charge:

    100 x 90gr Berger HP (very slippery match bullets I use on foxes to devastating effect!)
    90 x 100gr RN Interlocks
    50 x 100gr SP Interlocks
    60 x 87gr SP Interlocks
    50 x 85gr Sierra SP
    99 x 65gr HP
    40 x 60gr HP

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    also for sale either seperately or as part of a package Lee Loader in Box - 35
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    Rifle SOLD pending usual

    Lee Loader provisionally Sold

    100x 90gr Berger Provisionally Sold

    ammo/lapua brass/scope/butler creeks etc all still available

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