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Thread: Leaf River IR 3BU Trail Camera.

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    Leaf River IR 3BU Trail Camera.

    Bought this to keep an eye on an FC lease I am no longer part of.

    I had three and this is the last one to go.
    It works fine apart from the viewing screen has stopped working for some reason.
    It doesnt make any difference to be honest as in the field it is so small you will want to download or view the photos/videos from the CF card anyway.
    All other features are shown on the LCD display
    Set up is a bit clunky but once done you dont tend to play around with it anyway, manual is here:

    batteries last a decent amount of time, left mine out for well over a month and the big ones had over half a charge left.
    bought it new for over 100

    50 posted

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    Ooft too slow again

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