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Thread: Swazi Tahr Aegis

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    Question Swazi Tahr Aegis

    Wondering if anyone has got one of the new Aeigis fabric Swazi Tahr anoraks?

    I am thinking of getting one sent over but interested to hear if there are any noticeable differences with the previous design.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Ive got a swazi anorak its a great jacket it dont look any differant to me what are the changes?

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    yea got it! mine is a gore tex , inside never leaked yet, have they stopped the old style?.

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    Old style no longer available direct from Swazi, although there will probably still be some kicking about at some suppliers.

    Just waiting to find out when they will have one of the new ones in stock..............



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    If it has got the goretex stretch cuffs they let water in like a sieve. Or to be more precise the cuffs absorb water like toilet paper and it then wicks up any clothing you have underneath.

    I wrote a letter of complaint to Swazi last year about this and they acknowledged the issue. I'm not sure if they have rectified it though. Anyone who says their's doesn't let water in via the cuff, hasn't used it in proper rain.
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    Swazi have a super price on everything it seems!

    One bitch is that I purchased two fleece tops and whilst they are well made of quality materials they dont have one fugn pocket ffs! NOT ONE! Not even a chest pocket!
    how can that be !

    If I have of known i would NOT have bought.

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    Managed to get one of the new Aegis jackets.

    As always, speedy delivery from Swazi, about a week to arrive from NZ.

    Had to pay duty so all in worked out at about 260, I had got a $20 voucher as a Clan Swazi member which covered most of the postage.

    I opted for the Tussock Green colour and am really happy with it.

    I have managed to test out the jacket in plenty of wet weather and it copes very well, crawling through wet grass etc, not a hint of moisture on the elbows.

    The binocular pocket works really well and while it might have been handy to have another pocket you soon get used to it, after all most of the time I have a roe sack with me anyway.

    Neoprene cuffs as previously mentioned do cling on to moisture, but not have issues with water creeping up the sleeves.

    Superb build quality, highly recommended.



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    Try using it in proper rain. You will get soaked.

    i wear mine all the time but not in heavy rain as it is useless.

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    I can assure you I have been out in the awful weather we have had of late, the new Aegis fabric is far superior to any Gore Tex I have had in the past.

    I appreciate that you have had issues with your Tahr jacket but I can say the new fabric is more than up to the toughest weather available.

    The cuffs have been wringing wet after crawling through a ditch, as would any jacket but the moisture remained in the cuffs. After a quick squeeze out they were good to go.

    The Tahr is a tough outer layer, designed to be used with layers, I am using mine as such and cannot fault it.

    Carrying out a full Roe sack, no overheating and no moisture build up inside.

    All my stalking gear gets used to abuse levels, if this was not up to the job I wouldn't rate it.



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    I've just ordered the Tahr after much searching and advice from users, Jon, I think you should speak to Swazi, it certainly shouldn't be like that. Thanks Ben for reassurance that I've made the right choice.

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