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Thread: bruni olympic 6 starter pistol

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    bruni olympic 6 starter pistol

    a friend loaned me his starter pistol and unfortunately, when i went to use it today the rod that allows you to open the cylinder had dropped off somewhere in the field. I have looked online for a replacement part and new pistol but they dont seem to be available anymore. does any one have an old unused pistol they would consider selling


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    Take a look at the link not the same pistol but you can replace it with one of these
    Gundog Training Equipment by Turner Richards

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    Yeah, good old fashioned common sense that. Criminals are converting them into weapons, so we'll punish the law abiding by forcing them to hand over their property (and not offering them any kind of compensation) whilst the criminals will carry on doing as they do. F##ktards!

    Anyway, if it's the .380 then I recommend a large sledge hammer before you get caught with it, and then replace it with a legal model. I believe the 6 is a .22 though? In which case I think it's ok, as the ban only applies to the .380, even though the frames, barrels etc. are identical, just with smaller holes in the cylinder.
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    Matthew, think your right about the 6. Just don't want a law abiding citizen on the wrong end of a mucky stick.

    Ill refrain from moaning about how there is no common sense left in the uk

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    Scotch, that's the problem with common sense, it's just not that common!

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