Went into the quarry tonight to zero a my underkeepers new scope a 3-12x50 zeiss duralyt.
I bore sighted it for him and 3 shot later were in the bull, 2 clicks up and it printed a tight group an inch high.
I took the 9.3 with me for him to shoot, he had x2 shots at a house brick at 50ms and frighted it good with the open sights.
I had a shot just clipping it.
The part of the post to do with the title is I fitted the varipoint to its (on swing offs) and asked him to range one of the large heaps of sand.
225m there was a darker patch in the middle (a piece of crusty sand)
I dailed in 220m onto the turret knelt down and free hand let the 270gr bullet go.
It hit the dinnerplate sized spot low and left (5 oclock) but did hit it and it was free hand.(cross wind from right to left as well)
The dail in turrets are fab if you have time to rangefind.
Even with a gun what must shoot like a mortar.
The cavity in the moist sand was a specticle in itself and I could fit 2 fists into it.
Even a glancing shot from this weapon would secure you your quarry.
I counted the clicks back and it ws 11
Thats 11cm @ 100 so 22@ 200 plus a couple or so for the 25.......so i reckon about 25cm drop on a light loaded hand load.