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Thread: Midland .243

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    Midland .243

    Helloo all, I was hoping if someone could tell me which is the best round to use in my Midland .243, I'm currently using .100 gr soft point Federals, but I was wondering if their was a more suited bullet for this rifle as I'm not sure about this round?

    Many thanks


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    does it group?
    if so I would be inclined to leave it alone.

    if not try 87/90gr

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    remmy 85 and 90 actip shoot well in mine before i got in to reloading

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    As none of us has shot your rifle and none of us have the barrel that's fitted to it we cannot possibly tell you what will shoot best through it. Sorry but it's going to be your job to check that out. So get some different loads and have fun testing them out . What shoots well through my Midland 2100 might not shoot as well as in yours. There again yours may well shoot them better but the only way to find out is try them through YOUR rifle.

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