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Thread: Fitting a kite night sight

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    Fitting a kite night sight

    HI All
    Has anybody got a kite and how have they fitted it to their rifle. I need some sort of long cantilever rail to get it nearer my eye. Also what rifle have you got it fitted to
    Thanks Geordie

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    i have a old rail i used when i had my kite it fitted on top of the rifle rail ,so you could move the kite back and fore.
    will dig it out

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    hi geordieh
    i have a kite sight mounted on a blaser and got a local engineering company to make me a rail that it fixes to and the rail is bolted to a blaser saddle mount
    i use it on a moderated .243 and because your eye has to be pressed against the rubber eyepiece i have not found any problems with recoil with this calibre
    also as its a quick system to fix or detatch i can scan with sight instead of pointing the rifle everywhere
    regards andy

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